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the thought that we only get 18 summers with our children is a haunting one
my kids haven't been swimming all summer and its July
what kind of parent am I that they haven't been swimming any
so easy to scroll though facebook and compare
people swimming and climbing waterfalls and laying on the beach
all their fun adventures pale to this life we have


maybe not?

maybe this summer will be remembered for the fun things we have done
because my children haven't complained one time about the things we have not
they haven't asked to go swimming
they haven't said gosh this summer sucks
they have woke up everyday and been excited for what the day may hold

why do we as adults so quickly compare

let me take a lesson from my children and be thankful for each day and each moment
let me love the mundane and moments
let me be present

our summer has been filled with laughter and music and relaxation as any good summer should be


the ripples of loss

to the mom and dad who lost their son
   i don't know the why and some things we aren't meant to know on this side
to the brother and sister who lost a brother
   remember all the laughter, sunshine, and fun
to the grandparents who lost a grandson
   help us be strong and hold on
to the friends
   be there for each other and never forget the memories
to the classmates
   stick together and smile to those who can't and cry with those who are
to the teachers
   be courageous and tenacious for your work isn't done
to the community
   let us remember that we are all facing battles, some are on the news and some are not
   we should be kind and patient and a little bit more understanding

but most of all let all of us remember the ripples we make
for i didn't know this young man
but the loss of his presence on earth has been felt in my soul
i have cried for the mom and dad and siblings and grandparents and friends and teachers
let us not forget the impact each of us has on the world
we are significant
we matter
this boy mattered
we make ripples and waves of good or bad
and let us not forget this sweet soul who has forever impacted us with a gift of love and community
may we continue to rally around one another in prayer and unrequited, gracious love



5 more minutes: Pa edition

January 6 was my grandpa's birthday, and on January 6 this year my son had a basketball tournament, my daughter had practice, I worked the gate at the tournament, and the day was filled from 7:00am to 9:00pm.  But I still remembered it was his birthday.  He was an amazing man and what I would give to be able to celebrate one more birthday with him.  I often hear Scotty McCreary's song 5 more minutes and think what if I had five more minutes.  But really it wouldn't be enough, maybe a whole day would be but I'm not sure.


So to celebrate my grandpa's birthday this year I thought about how I would spend a whole day with him.

We'd get up early and head to the cafe and have gravy biscuits and say hey to all the neighbors and he'd pay for somebody else's table when he paid.  Then we'd head out and check the cows and ride through the farms.  We'd probably stop and check on a widow or two and sit on their front porch or even in their living room.  We'd ride up the rode to his brother's and sit in the truck while uncle Bob told us all about things going on.  Then we'd ride by his sister Marie and check on her.  He might have to ride to the bank or have an eye doctor visit.  All the while, he's teaching about how things used to be and how to save money and how to drive.  We'd then head home where we'd sit in the wood shed and he'd burn the trash and I'd drive a nail in the same block of wood I do every time.  I would give anything to have one more day of just riding around listening to my Pawpaw. 

Cherish every day. 


2017 in review

17 for 2017

1.  We visited new places.  Favorite - Pennsylvania - Hershey <3 font="">

2.  We ate a lot of ice cream.

3.  We listened to music!  Our house gained a piano.  
Favorite songs include:
Thunder - Imagine Dragons
Flatt Lonesome - Silence in these Walls - whole album

4.  I read a lot of books and drank a lot of coffee! New coffee shop opened in town. Dirty Joe's lattes and chai tea are a highlight of the year.

5.  Addie turned 6 and Owen turned 12.  Time slow down!

6.  Matthew opened a shop and has had a busy first year at Combs Welding LLC.

7.  We got a new puppy, Diesel and a new fish, Fireball.

8.  We celebrated every holiday and some made up ones!

9.  Owen worked with his dad, played the bass and mandolin, football and basketball, and loved every second of it.  

10.  Addie is an excellent reader and loves Math.

11.  Owen started middle school and survived till Christmas, only breaking a few hearts.

12.  Addie started another year of ballet and began Jazz.

13.  We grew closer as a family.

14.  We spent time with our church family.

15.  We spent as much time as we could with our grandmas and grandpas and cousins.

16.  We laughed.

17.  We loved.  

Thanks for all the memories 2017.
We look forward to 2018.


Thankful Thursday 2017 {week 4}

76.  Dishwasher

77.  Hanging out with people who make me forget to look at my phone

78.  Dirty Joe's  the new coffee shop in Elkin -- love it,  you should go! every day!


When your listening to a sermon and your son mentions this song and you know he's paying attention

80.  going to the movies with some of your favorite people and laughing and crying together

81.  all the people out their teaching musical instruments.   Especially Dominic, Scott, and Jodi  - who teach my children - you guys are angels, part of the heavenly orchestra

82.  Christmas 

83.  Ella Reece making me smile

84.  the ability to see and hear and smell

85.  movie popcorn

86. God didn't give me sisters by blood but he gave me Jessica, Hannah, Jamie, Martha, and Dana and He knew they would be the best sisters I ever needed

87.  Owen's Jokes

88.  Halloween candy is almost gone!

89.  talking about getting old 

90.  daily snapchats with Kimberly

91.  Luke 9:16  "He blessed and broke them, and gave them."  He has blessed and broke and gave me and it is the greatest joy to be loved by Him.

92.  sharing life with him in the rain and the sunshine

93.  the sound of bible pages turning

94.  this article - you have enough, you are enough

95.  listening Addie sing Jolene

96.  memories

97.  playing Uno

98.  watching Owen play with the dog

99.  hugs and snuggles from my family

100.  Another year to be thankful.  

May we never stop being the thankful for all the blessings we have!  The attitude of gratitude makes life joyful~

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thankful Thursday 2017 {week 3}

51.  A night out with my mom and best friend to see Dirty Dancing.

52.  Pecan Pie Cheesecake.

53.  Listening to my students.

54.  the smell of baking

55.  Psalm 100

56.  Sleep

57.  Books
Thanksgiving Book List

58.  Heat

59.  Watching my basketball players work so hard

60.  Addie being thankful for dance

61.  Students who care

62.  Christmas Music

63.  Cold mornings

64.  Nephews who say good morning

65.  128 shoe boxes packed with love

66.  friends who listen

67.  my moma for helping with my children

68.  Presley for being a good role model for Owen

69.  Driveway views

70.  Comfy clothes

71.   He must increase, but I must decrease.John 3:30

72.  This video

73.  Brave little girl

74.  Apples - they are my favorite, but not mushy ones, crunchy ones

75.  the wonderful people I work with 

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