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letter to an addict

dear addict,

let me start by saying are are more...

i know it is hard.
it is raw and real.
you are fighting a fight you can't win...alone.
you can't say no...alone.
you can't walk away....alone.
and you don't have to do it alone.  
this drug that calls your name is big and ugly and mean and strong.
it has taken more from you than you could ever know.
memories, time, love, money, energy, relationships.....your health...your life
and yet it wins.
but you know all this.
you've promised "i'm going to do better, i'm going to stop. i'm not addicted"
               and maybe you think you can.

my friend kendal...she had a drug called ED...she wrote a book about her fight with ED.  i remember reading about how much she hated not having her drug.  she hated when people took her drug away.

another friend...he had a drug called pills....he didn't fight...they are still winning.

another friend...she had a fight with alcohol....she fought, her family fought...she doesn't reach for beer but friends now.

and the friends could go on, yours, mine....and some fight and some don't.

but are are more than this drug.

i don't know what your drug is.....meth, heroin, pills, alcohol, porn, an eating disorder, gambling, sex, anything that can take the pain of life away.........

but you will have to have an army to win against it.

and at first you will not be the leader of this army and you will HATE the army
because the drug has you convinced it is better and worth it.

it's not.

let them fight for you until you can fight for yourself

because are are more than this drug.


someone who loves you

2 Chronicles 32:8

He may have a great army, but they are merely men. We have the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles for us!


  1. Great post. So glad you expressed your love at its start --- and that you understand so much about addictions. My first husband (now deceased) battled alcoholism, and I battled the fallout, learning how to walk with the Lord, above it all. I think of the first three steps of AA and Al Anon, so important, I believe, for any addict: the first, a recognition of one's helplessness *alone* against the addiction, 2nd, the dawning belief that "a power greater than ourselves" can restore sanity, and 3rd, a decision to turn one's will and life over to God. Trying to battle alone is futile, in any case I've seen, yet with that great Commander Who will fight our battles for us, the amazing happens!

    Glad to meet you at Hear It, Use It today!

  2. chills....gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous, karrie.

  3. Dear Karrie
    It is so true!! I think if we could only truly understand and experience how much our God loves us, people would be able to leave whatever addiction behind. Nothing is better and more peaceful that living in Him!
    Blessings from Jen's.


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