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from passover to communion

we piled around the table
to hear the story
the Passover
the bitter herbs for slavery
the lamb for sacrifice
their faces nodded
their ears listened
these lives we have been allowed to borrow from Him
this story of Easter that we get to share
thousands of years ago
Jesus sat around with his best friends and family
knowing that the days ahead were going to be hard and ugly
filled with betrayal and sorrow and pain
but it wasn't going to be the end
there was hope at the end of the darkness
the next day he was going to face a hardship we can't begin to understand
and through this death we are allowed Communion
eternal communion with a living Savior
because hardship, betrayal, sorrow, pain, not even death
would stop our Lord from being our sacrifice
even though we didn't deserve it and we could never earn it
it was a sacrifice only He could provide
Thank You, Lord

from our family 
may you and yours have a truly blessed Easter!!


when you live to be 95

yesterday we celebrated my great grandmother's 95 birthday
she was born April 6, 1919 in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia
she was one of 10 children, 6 sisters, 3 brothers
she worked in coal mines and married a coal miner
she taught me that you can grow anything on any kinda soil
and it doesn't matter if there is a hill
and there is no limit to things that can be canned 
she came to visit me right after we moved in to our house and I was so excited to show her my garden
matthew had built up a plot behind our house so it was level
she looked at it nodded and said "you too good to plant on the hill"
she's honest and gritty
she lived through the great depression and WWII
she lived when there wasn't a great depression but things were still hard
she works hard
but she still has a smile on her face and the most genuine laugh you have ever heard
on this past Saturday, the day before she turned 95, she was baptized

could be my favorite picture of all time
photo credit: nancy shupe

in the hills of Virginia
in the 20 degree creek water
she was washed clean
95 years old
and again she taught me
that it doesn't matter how old you are
it doesn't matter where you been or what you've done
Jesus will wash you clean
may I live to be half the woman she is
what will people say about you when live to be 95?
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Lessons from March 2014

1.  It might snow.  It might not.

2.  Time change always kicks my butt.  But I seem to forget every year. 

3.  Legofest = awesomeness.....if it comes near you go!


4.   Celebrate birthdays!

5.  Spring is coming......get ready now.

5.  Silence is golden.
6.  People will hurt you, sometimes more than once, forgive them anyway.
7.  I take way too many pictures with my phone.
8.  Little kids bowling shoes make you go....awwwww, how cute!
9.   Take a hike.  Don't be ashamed to stop for breathers.  It is always worth it when you get to the top.
10.  Set goals.  Don't stop till reach them.
11.  Set new goals.  Get to work!

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