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2014 in review

This picture sums up my life in 2014.


14 things about 2014

1.  Addie sung a lot.  Owen picked a lot.

2. We chased things....geocaches, crabs at the beach, sunsets, each other, balls, laughter, dogs, and dreams.

3.  Lots of new places visited.  Legofest, Outer Banks, Red, White, and Blue Festival, 4-H Camp, Winterjam, camping at Homeplace

4.  It snowed 14 inches at our house!!

5.  Addie got rid of the pacifer, learned to potty, fell in love with painting, made lots of people smile and laugh, and had major dental surgery.

6.  Owen got SAVED AND BAPTIZED and learned all his multiplication tables, played basketball and soccer, won a blue ribbon at the Surry Fiddler's convention and played at Merlefest, shot his first deer, and gave $700 for water wells to Compassion for his birthday.

7.  Matthew built a playhouse mansion! It's awesome.

8.  Great music was heard live - Nickel Creek, Balsam Range, Flatt Lonesome, The Duhks, Scythian, church bluegrass, The Steel Wheels, Blue Highway, Frozen on Ice, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard......

9.  We suffered loss.  

10.   We prayed hard.

11.   We worked hard.

12.   We played hard.

13.  We hung out with family and friends and cherished all our minutes together.

14.  We loved BIG!


2014 was amazing....I truly stand in awe at the blessing of it and say thank you to the 
Lord above for all the happiness and the lessons it held.

a look back at 2011, 2012, 2013

We look forward to the adventure of 2015.



it's that time of year
the most wonderful time of year
the busy time of year

you're going to have to reach for it
stretch those arms out and hold on to it
what might you ask are you reaching for

the greatest gift EVER

Jesus came and dwelt among men
but they had to reach for Him
the shepherds went to Him
the wise men searched for Him

You have to reach for HIM
and in Him alone will you find

the greatest gift EVER

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