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friday haiku

what just happened here
a three hour delay for school
what is the point really?



we had snowcream for breakfast, made brother and sister snow people, sled down the hill, threw snow balls, and cried when we had to come in.......all before lunch.

potato soup is in the crock pot and the toys are spread from one end of the house to other, bluegrass plays in the background between the giggles and the he did it, she did it dialogue.  

we are on our fifth or sixth snow day, but whose counting really.  all we are counting are these gifts from God.  these moments we will always hold on to.  these lessons that were shared with us as children and we carry on and they too will carry on and share with their children.

set the bowl out the night before for your snow cream in the morning. 

start with a small snow ball and roll it all over the yard, make it too big so you can smooth in out. 

after you have walked up the big hill and sled all the way to the bottom, make sure you lay out in the snow and stare up at the sky for way longer than necessary, soaking it all in before you climb up and do it all over again. 

make sure you only lick clean snow. 

you are never too big to sled down the hill or make a snow angel.

play early, it melts fast. 

say thanks God, you are pretty awesome! 

what traditions do you have for snowdays?  new ones, past down ones, favorite ones?


every morning

every morning i'm waking up to the life God has given me
it's beautiful

and waiting

i hear it calling
how are you going to matter today

and some days i choose not to climb 
i choose not to take the path lest traveled
i am consumed by the world and all it has to offer

but other days i take the stairs
i fight the warfare of the day
the complaints of the culture
and maybe i don't feel like i won at the end of the day
maybe i didn't make a difference at all
i feel worn and ragged

but then you see a light
a break in the clouds of life
one of your youth girls offers to pray 
someone says hey i miss you writing
your kid chooses kindness and can recite the first 10 books of the bible
a mission plan starts to unfold
an adventure is discovered
talents are revealed
and you get a glimpse at all He has to offer
and you know you have to keep fighting

{sorry i've been taking a break, i've opened up the blank page of a post many many times over the last months and just really found i had nothing say, but today the words just poured out.  thanks to everyone who reads my blog, hopefully it won't be so long till i write again}
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