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Thankful Thursday 2015 {week 4}

76.  family - each and every one of them
77.  students clapping at the end of The Giver movie
78.  surviving the grocery store
79.  Owen's vension bbq
80.  my church family
81. online shopping
82. "Thanksgiving means I need to be thankful and give toys away." Addie
83.  weddings
84.  God's healing powers
85.  the reminder of "Do not be afraid."
86.  thankful students
87.  a clean house - a special thankful for my mom, owen, and matthew for their help
88.  Jackson got to come home!
89.  coffee and dessert
90.  churches who worship together
91.  prayer
92.  watching the Macy's parade with my kids
93.  tickle giggles
94.  my friend Melanie 
95.  sunflowers
96.  scripture that speaks
97.  the love of former students
98.  knowing Jesus came to earth
99.   my camera - my new one i got this year
100.  another blessed year with so much to be thankful for


Thankful Thursday 2015 {week 3}

51.  My children's teachers.  Teachers have such an influence on the life of a child and we are blessed to have had great ones!
52.  We saw a shooting star last night.  :)
53.  Jackson
54.  new music albums - I like albums that I can listen to from beginning to end and over and over.
new ones I have on repeat - Eric Church Mr. Misunderstood, Chris Stapleton Traveller
55. mom friends
56. kids reading - discussing books
57.  my mentor - Pat Dalton - i miss her so much but i know she would be so proud of me
58.  Christmas is coming!!  i hear the music, i see the lights....:)
59.  Community Theater
60.  family pictures
61.  when things work out
62.  a surprise day with my friend Kendal (actually saw her twice this week)
63.  text messages
64.  my high school football team playing in the second round of state playoffs at HOME
65.  Kid President
66.  Timehop.....yes I love it and check it everyday...Owen does too
67.  checks and balances in the US government
68.  that I can see colors....i can't imagine a world in grey, black, and white
69.  "Humans (pronounced who-mans) are people and they all have good in them."  Addie Combs 
70.  181 Shoeboxes!!!!!!!!!!!
71.  sunshine
72.  the ability to read
73.  clean laundry
74.  apples
75.  a two day week next week


Thankful Thursday 2015 {week 2}

26.  old country music
27.  busy weekends
28.  addie's prayers
29.  medical care
30.  The Peanuts Movie!  you must go see's amazing
31.  students finding the book we are reading interesting
32. memorial services to honor our veterans
33. our veterans
34.  my granaw :)
35. a day with cousins and friends
36.  surprises
37.  creamer - french vanilla
38.  bookshelves
39.  sunny days
40.  laughter
41.  forgiveness
42.  coffee
43.  scarves
44.  porches
45.  Fair Trade Friday Club one of the highlights of my month
46.  dishwashers
47. sweet baby pictures texted to me
48.  quiet
49.  this song
50.  a day off


Thankful Thursday 2015 {week 1}

1.  my husband - love him more everyday
2.  owen - watching him grow and mature -bittersweet
3.  addie - sassy sweetness
4.  mom - what would i do without her
5.  daddy - no one holds a place in the heart like a little girl's daddy
6.  pumpkins
7.  new opportunities in teaching this year - language arts and social studies
8. pausing to say thank you Lord for unanswered prayers
9. sunday school converstaions
10. car washes
11. new friendships
12. christmas plans :)
13. music!
14. owen reading bedtime stories to addie
15. listening to addie pray
16. healing powers
17. my students - love them
18. basketball season
19. second chances
20. Daniel 3: 24 Then King Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his feet in amazement and asked his advisers, “Weren’t there three men that we tied up and threw into the fire?”  They replied, “Certainly, Your Majesty.” 25 He said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”
21. fridays
22. conversations with former students
23. family time in pigeon forge
24. the power of prayer
25. fingernail polish and finger nail polish remover ;)

what are you thankful for this week?
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