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pray and wait

almost six years ago, i felt God push.  i ignored, he pushed harder.  i went to my pastor and said i feel like i need to start a sunday school class for people my age.  (statistics say only about 25% of 18 - 25 year olds attend church) my pastor - i'm not so sure, i've never had a new mother volunteer for anything (translation your crazy) but if you want to try it, i will support you (he confronts my mother to make sure i'm not crazy and to make sure she will help me).  so i, a single mother of a 1 month old, a first year teacher of 7th graders in the local public schools, and a never before been a sunday school teacher start a class....we had four the first sunday.  some sundays we had more most sundays we had less that first year.  i continue to study, i continue to pray.....2 members move away.  i sit alone in a tiny room in the back corner of the church and pray.  why should i go this morning one will come, God pushes.  He sends people my way, ask them to church.  i think they won't come, but i ask and i ask and i ask. Easter 2009 - 20 people in attendance. last year we had 17 people enrolled in our sunday school class.  last night we gathered for an eat out (pot luck dinner outside) with over 40 people (parents, children, friends, family) coming.  patience. God answers prayers, in His time.  five years later, we are still growing, we are still praying, people are still coming....GOD IS STILL WORKING.

3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
   it speaks of the end
   and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
   it will certainly come
   and will not delay. 

Habakkuk 2:3


i should write

i stopped
at 40 post on my blog i stopped
when i had just started to create a community and build blogships i stopped
i became obsessed - more comments - more followers - more link ups.........more!
i stopped

i have so much i want to write
the Lord churns at my heart and mind with ideas to share
He gave me a sweet baby girl
He gave me strength to start a new day
He continues to bless me through my trials
i will write 
not for others 
not for comments or number of clicks
but to share His love, His grace, and to spread His glory
i will write.
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