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Thankful Thursday 2015 {week 4}

76.  family - each and every one of them
77.  students clapping at the end of The Giver movie
78.  surviving the grocery store
79.  Owen's vension bbq
80.  my church family
81. online shopping
82. "Thanksgiving means I need to be thankful and give toys away." Addie
83.  weddings
84.  God's healing powers
85.  the reminder of "Do not be afraid."
86.  thankful students
87.  a clean house - a special thankful for my mom, owen, and matthew for their help
88.  Jackson got to come home!
89.  coffee and dessert
90.  churches who worship together
91.  prayer
92.  watching the Macy's parade with my kids
93.  tickle giggles
94.  my friend Melanie 
95.  sunflowers
96.  scripture that speaks
97.  the love of former students
98.  knowing Jesus came to earth
99.   my camera - my new one i got this year
100.  another blessed year with so much to be thankful for

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