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Lessons from March 2014

1.  It might snow.  It might not.

2.  Time change always kicks my butt.  But I seem to forget every year. 

3.  Legofest = awesomeness.....if it comes near you go!


4.   Celebrate birthdays!

5.  Spring is coming......get ready now.

5.  Silence is golden.
6.  People will hurt you, sometimes more than once, forgive them anyway.
7.  I take way too many pictures with my phone.
8.  Little kids bowling shoes make you go....awwwww, how cute!
9.   Take a hike.  Don't be ashamed to stop for breathers.  It is always worth it when you get to the top.
10.  Set goals.  Don't stop till reach them.
11.  Set new goals.  Get to work!


  1. 10. Go, go, go, you. Proud of you.

  2. Hey...I'm your neighbor over on Emily's site. Just wanted to say hi and that reading your "learned" post reminded me of something else I learned but didn't include on my list. Your #6 was in my March, but actually...the fact that I didn't remember to include it let's me know that when I purposed to just let it go...again, I must have actually succeeded. Thanks for the reminder that I forgot.Yay! :) Blessings to you

  3. Ohh and pssst…glad you linked up. xxoo

  4. Great lessons! Lots of risk involved in some of them, but perhaps that's what makes them so great. :-) I'm glad you shared at Amy's.


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