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an old picture of Owen
"is this snake real?"
i was brave once
i confronted a friend
i faced my parents when i had done wrong
i stood in front of 28 6th graders and taught algebra
i had a baby...oh wait i had two

i am not
often i don't say what i need to
often i crumble and go home

but brave people.....
ShadrachMeshach, and Abednego
the person waking up with cancer every day
the president of the USA
the mom with a sick child that won't ever get better
.......these people are heros
and braver is the truest sign

"Brave is a whisper some days and others its a battle cry."  Lisa Jo Baker

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  1. I love your poetry, Karrie. Just wanted you to know.

  2. Based on this post, I would say that you are still brave. Thanks for reminding me to be brave this morning and that it doesn't always have to be some huge experience.


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