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comfort in being loved

the comfort found in knowing you are loved 
is like a warm blanket on a cold day
it brings a peace deep inside that one can not explain
only feel
and this love is one we all long for and search for
there are few places in can truly be found

the first place is from your mom
my mother award for 2013 from owen
"she love my hart evrywere and anywere"
the comfort only she can give
to heal scrapped knees and hurt feelings

the second place is from your own children
no matter how much wrong you have done in the past
or how imperfect a mother you are
they still love
they look at you with those bright eyes and toothless grins
and love you like no one else

and the third place
is the most filling and everlasting
the comfort in knowing you are loved by your heavenly father
and to know the He loves YOU
is enough to carry you through the darkest days
it is what makes me wake up with a smile
it is what gets me through
and even though my love with never be enough
His will

i hope you find comfort this weekend in loving your mom, your children, and your Lord.
you may not have the first two, but we can all find comfort in our Heavenly Father.
Happy Mother's Day

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  1. "And even though my love will never be enough, His will." Love this! Such an important reminder that we all need. His perfect love covers us all.


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