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excited about things to come

in no particular order

  • this picture   
  • summer time ----- coffee on my porch, hanging out with my kids and my family, the beach
  • gardening ----- growing your own food is a reward from God
  • VBS ---- its a farm theme, how can you not be excited
  • a new school year and basically a new job
    • i graduated nc state university with a degree in middle school education with a concentration in language arts and social studies.  i student taught social studies.  i said i am going to teach social studies and i would love to teach 8th grade.  july 2006 i was hired for my first job teaching.....math.  the last seven years i have smiled though.  my friend yesterday said but your good at teaching math and i said its my job.  i did everything i could to make my math class unlike any other math class.  don't get me wrong i taught the math but we read books and colored and cut and pasted and sometimes they would look at me like i was crazy and say but this is math class. i always felt they learned the math but maybe not the best way.  but next year i get to do what i went to school to be and maybe it won't be as great as i imagine but at least i get to find out
  • making progress with my children and entitlement ------- my son cleaned both toilets this morning and swept and mopped his bathroom, i'm not saying we're cured but celebrating progress
  • reading ------ my list of books to read is growing and my free time is about to significantly increase
  • BABIES ----- my best friend and college roommate had a sweet baby boy this week, my "sister" is having a baby in november and we find out what it is in june, and my very good friend and church sister is having a baby in august!!  there is nothing sweeter than seeing your friends have babies and knowing the love they feel deep inside because you feel it too for your own children
  • weight loss ---- i have lost 15 pounds since august and i am hoping this summer i can really get into an exercise routine 
  • 30!!! --- i turn 30 soon, i'm excited and terrified!

so much excitement
so thankful to God for all the blessings in my life

anything exciting happening in your life these days???

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  1. Congrats on the new position!! So happy you have so many exciting things coming up in your life! You deserve it mama, love you bestie.


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