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why i teach and the best teacher appreciation gift

why i teach.....
believe it or not its not to make them smarter although i do try
it is most definitely not for a good test score
its not to make me look good
its not for the money, fame, or honor
it isn't because i even want to sometimes
it is because it is what God called me to do
i show up every day because He called me to teach
He holds my hand all day long
and it doesn't matter what I'm teaching 
God is teaching through me
and i'm not perfect
i make mistakes
i am not the greatest teacher
but i work hard to make sure my students are loved
they are listened too
they are notified of the fact that this world is big and beautiful
and they are lots of places for them to go and lots of things for them to be
and to soak in all the knowledge they can because their brain is growing
and until God calls me somewhere else
i will teach
i will love their sweet faces
i will forgive them when they do wrong
i will encourage their learning everyday
because God needs me to

***the best gift you can give for teacher appreciation.....

pray for your child's teacher every day and tell them you are praying for them

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  1. I feel the same way, Karrie, even if my family does not always understand why I would choose a career with no money or glory. It's not a profession, it is a vocation!

  2. As a former teacher, I LOVE THIS. And I know that I used those prayers every single day.

  3. Your first sentence is the's not about making them smarter, is it?


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