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gosh i can write about friends....all day long and tomorrow too
i have so many that are tried and true
friends take work and understanding
truth and honesty
and it was late in life that i figured out i sucked at being a friend
i was not dependable, selfish, and just a plain ol' lazy friend

but do you know who taught me how to be a friend.....the one that became my best friend

there was a time i went to Him last......
i ran to the current boyfriend
i celebrated with worldly things
my treasures were disposable and "fun"
friends i called them some....when it was convenient
but when you put Him first
everything and everyone else fall into place

hey i've wrote about friends before  here
it is always a good time to reach out to a friend

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Lisa Jo @ Five Minute Friday


  1. Followed you from Five Minute Friday. Thanks for sharing your friend story. Have a blessed day!

  2. Good friends do take work, don't they! Happy Friday!

  3. Cool how you tied your best friend, Jesus with how earthly friendships benefit when we are aligned with him!


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