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jumps of life

the jump of life comes full force most days
a thrilled child running at you
it came out
it came out
i twisted it and look!
his has lost his first tooth
and i wasn't ready for this jump
i wasn't ready to look at my sweet little boy
with small tiny tooth in hand
the tooth that i cradled and soothed
as it broke through just yesterday....right?
but the jumps of life
don't wait for you to be ready
they don't wait for you to prepare yourself
they just happen
and you must choose to smile and enjoy
and pray and be thankful
that God is in control
of the jumps of life

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  1. I love this!! My baby just started Kindy. When did he jump from a wee babe in my arms to this? Treasure the moments before they jump away.

  2. Hope the tooth fairy is good to Owen. Love that big smile on his face, he looks like mommy. Love you.

  3. oh, karrie, he is SO cute with that excited grin. prayers for you as they reach those milestones....


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