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the thought that we only get 18 summers with our children is a haunting one
my kids haven't been swimming all summer and its July
what kind of parent am I that they haven't been swimming any
so easy to scroll though facebook and compare
people swimming and climbing waterfalls and laying on the beach
all their fun adventures pale to this life we have


maybe not?

maybe this summer will be remembered for the fun things we have done
because my children haven't complained one time about the things we have not
they haven't asked to go swimming
they haven't said gosh this summer sucks
they have woke up everyday and been excited for what the day may hold

why do we as adults so quickly compare

let me take a lesson from my children and be thankful for each day and each moment
let me love the mundane and moments
let me be present

our summer has been filled with laughter and music and relaxation as any good summer should be

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