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Lately, it has been a little warmer than it should be.
I hear the birds singing as I walk to the car in the mornings.
And when I come home they are waiting on me.

My son says the funniest things.
As he played the Wii the other day and his Pawpaw watched and said what he was doing, Owen said "Your being the complicator, PawPaw."  And then with a funny face, he says "is that the right word."  My response, "while your Pawpaw is a complicator, he is being a commentator right now." 

Addie has a tooth.  And almost always has a smile.  She loves music and for you to sing to her.  She doesn't sleep much, unless I hold her.  I think she will crawl soon.

I'm ready to my garden going. 

I am constently amazed by the decisions of adolescents.

I seek worship with the Almighty.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:1



  1. Karrie I am so glad you joined us :) Your header always makes me smile.

    Complicator...commentator...haha! So funny and adorable. And yay for little smiles.

    It has been very spring like here. As I sat today doing some reading I heard the birds chirping away and was thinking how much I had missed the sound. I really enjoy the silence of Autumn and winter.

    I am so excited about our family garden this year. :)

  2. K,
    Soooo, I just signed-up to host one of the (in)courage meet-ups on April 28th. Phhhulease think about driving out to Aville so it isn't me sitting alone watching a video by myself! Ha! But seriously, I invited Kendal too. You guys should drive up. I don't really know a lot of writer/bloggers out this way. It would be fun...

    Email me your thoughts.

    ps only for Saturday


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