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what my daughter taught me today

"I made a new friend today," she says.

"He's nice."

"Well, he was today."

"He's not, he hasn't always, he sometimes isn't......"  thinks a minute

"He's learning to be nice, mom."

Aren't we all just learning to be nice?

Aren't we all just stumbling around, messing up left and right, or maybe that's just me.

And aren't we all just waiting for someone to be our friend.

Someone who is willing to accept that we are just learning.

We aren't perfect. 

Some days are hard.  

We are just one imperfect human looking for another imperfect human to say,

"Yeah, They are learning to be nice and that's ok, I'm still their friend.


  1. So true, from the innocence of a child.

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