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the warm sunshine has put a smile on my face and  I have enjoyed walking to my car in the morning

my students have made me laugh a lot

my husband has helped out around the house, which i am very thankful for

i have watched my son grow up before my eyes....he wrote all his valentines by himself...and i have wished he wouldn't grow so fast

i have wished for summer and fun times like above :)

i have wished i could smell the ocean

nothing has seemed to taste very good but it hasn't stopped me from eatting it

i have had a strong desire to read more of the bible 

i've have enjoyed sitting silently and doing nothing

my "sister" made me feel loved....Blog about me

the baby has started to show me he/she is there through movement :)

i have found lots of things online i wanted to buy, but didn't
things have been pretty good - smiles, laughter, family, God's fingerprints every where I look



  1. owen is great. just great!

  2. Beautiful as of lates.
    That photo is so fun! I too cannot wait for summer and fun times...what is it about those two that are synonymous.
    I loved getting to know what has been going on with you as of late!

  3. Glad you've been doing well lately! Cute photo! Wishing you more Fingerprints this week.

  4. Having a great time. that photo made me laugh. feel like doing something just for fun.


Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24 Leave me some honey.

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