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Sunshine Comes

do you ever just feel like the rug is coming unraveled?
the bottom is slowly falling out?

I'm not sure if it is the hormonal casserole (Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy) that I am lately (due to pregnancy), but the last week or so I have felt the anxiety rise and when this happens I tend to see things towards the half empty glass instead of the optimist person I usually am.  I let things get to me that I shouldn't.  How should I take that comment from my friend?  I wonder why no one has texted me today?  I'm sure no one appreciates the things I do. Wonder what would happen if I stopped doing the laundry?  and the list goes on....  I can't go to sleep and I want to cry sometimes....yes I know the symptoms.   But then it comes....exactly what you need....maybe not to get you over the disappoint but at least to get you through the day.

"So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

So, on a Sunday full of sunshine I see a little light that will last through Monday, maybe even longer. 


  1. I love you Karrie SHEW Combs! Should have sent more cards like Mel did, buri love you enough for both of us!

  2. I am SO grateful for His continual presence that is readily available 24 hours a day. That we are NEVER alone and He is the only one that can walk with us through any given day!
    praying things are half full for you today:)

  3. God is there, when the carpet unravels a little, and when its yanked completely. He is a AMAZING God.

  4. Oh, I pray that the little bit of light lasts all week! With Him as our light, it will never go out.

  5. I have been at that place where the rug feels as if it is gone and you are just waiting to fall... and He catches always.

    I love that your used that made me laugh and I wanted to use it in a props to you ;)

  6. i love you, hall mate. friend. sister in christ. so many days you are MY sunshine!

  7. Oh my gosh, I am SO glad you linked up this post, Karrie. Just exactly the verse I needed to read. I had exactly one of those no good bad days yesterday, and am still feeling the effects of it this morning. You have revived me with that verse!

    Thank you so much for linking to Hear It, Use It -- I'm sorry the links were down for much of the latter part of the day...the Linky Guy was having major server problems. Hopefully all will be resolved soon. But in the meantime, thank you -- lovely to visit with you here!

  8. The bottom slowly falling out? Yes, sometimes I do.

    After reading the first 10 words in this post, I'm pretty sure we would be friends in real life.

  9. I want to forward this to my 'real-life' friend Carrie also pregnant...she would love...

    oh, yes, it is hard and you are struggling for that woman you know you can be and then it's just 'keep on keepin' on' and knowing He sees...

    so glad you're at Jen's...isn't it a wonderful place?

  10. Hope the light has lasted you through Thursday! May you persevere. So glad you linked up at Michelle's and Jen's.


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