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i fall down.

write for five minutes on fall......GO

how often do you fall down?
i mean really fall down.
i fall down all the time.
last week i was watering the garden and slide down the hill on my butt.
yesterday i was closing addie's little umbrella stroller and my shoe got caught in the latch and down i went right there in tweetsie.
about a week after my gallbladder surgery i was going outside for the first time.  we were going to church and it had been raining and who missed a step and fell all the way to the bottom.  me.
i told my husband that its a good thing to have little extra weight on the rump.  gives you something to fall on.
and i don't think i'm clumsy.
but i get in a hurry
and i don't pay attention
and i fall down
isn't that the story of life......

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