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backseat sermons that speak to you

i hear the familiar sound of the pages turning
and then i hear him read
"Yea, the Lord shall give that which is good;"
and in the 3rd row seat of the new car
i hear them listen
and he says "did you hear me that is Psalm 85:12"
and the cousins begin
"yeah, i can find that verse too"
and "yeah, God is good"
and he says "yeah, i like that one"
and then the youngest says "hey you got some money, i forgot"
and he excitedly pulls his wallet out 
and says "yeah i got 3 dollars, one for each of us, i got it from the tooth fairy last night"
and the dollar bills go out, one for each of them

from the driver's seat i fight back the tears
6, 7, and 8 years old, these boys have it figured out

read His word and believe it 

give, put your hand out when one is without

they will take their three dollars that daddy and i put under his pillow late in the night
and give to bible school offering for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado
and they will smile and not think twice about keeping it for themselves
because they have faith in the Word that says:

"Yea, the Lord shall give that which is good;"

what biblical truths have you learned from children lately?

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  1. How sweet! :) My children are teaching me about obedience (by their lack of it). As I was saddened by their disobedience today, the Lord reminded me that He is also grieved when I fail to obey. So, I'm working on obedience right alongside of them. :) I'm vising from the Soli Deo Gloria link-up.

  2. Dear Karrie
    Oh, this is precious. I also only have sons and my youngest taught me a wonderful truth the other day. He is a first year engineering student at a university and we went to the shops to buy him clothes for the coming winter. I wanted to add an extra jersey and jacket when he protested and decided he had enough clothes. Besides, it makes him feel so bad to have more than he needs with so many people around him who has nothing! Visiting from Jen's.
    Much love

  3. What a wise momma you are ... getting your young kids into God's word.


  4. :) big smile reading this, karrie.

  5. Lord, have mercy. So sweet, so convicting, so simple. What lessons have I learned from my children? Play.


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