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crashing jesus' party

christmas came again
and we partied for days with parties still to go (one everyday till monday)
and the song keeps playing in my mind
"you can crash my party any time"
with jesus as the lead
because that's what we really do
we take his birthday and make it all about us
but i imagine him being the perfect host
and standing in the yard saying "yeah, come on, the more the merrier {christmas pun}"
and everyone that drives by stopping and joining
celebrating and being willing to party even though they have no idea what their celebrating
but they go all in, they buy presents and decorate, to the ones they know only of course
and jesus he mingles, he visits everyone at the party
and by the end he has met and befriended some that had never met him
and then He knows that it was worth it once again to have yet another birthday 
that has been crashed

{hopefully this post did not offend you, and even more hopeful that you talked to jesus yesterday at the party ;)}

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