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ready or not

it is one week till christmas

one week

not all the presents are bought
no presents are wrapped
the house isn't clean
the elf isn't moving
the cards haven't been mailed

but as i think about mary and joseph
were they ready for christmas?
they didn't have the nursery prepared
they didn't have the house clean
but jesus came any way

as i think about the shepherds in the fields
were they ready for good news?  were they ready for any news?
had they given the sheep extra food that day and let them rest for there trek to bethlehem?
but good news came any way

so there is the truth in christmas
he knew we'd never be ready
but he came anyway

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Emily @ Imperfect Prose

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  1. No never ready. I linked after you at em's and when I saw the "animals" in the nursery when I clicked over, it made me smile. Looks like you won't be ready this year and for many years to come….but that's okay… God bless you this Christmas season...


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