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last night we had birthday cake ice cream after supper and it was nobody's birthday
this week we have went outside to talk to a sweet miniature donkey
Displaying photo.JPGplayed mandolin at 6:30am
read a Dr. Seuss book every night
cheered for the Wolfpack against the ugly blue team
not given up on giving up the pacifier
celebrated the 100th day of school
eat supper at the table

each minute we choose

to live each day to the fullest
Displaying photo.JPGto love animals
to do what you love 
to read
to have morals ;)
Displaying photo.JPGto be persistent
to value education
to spend time with your family

each minute we choose
right or wrong
good or bad
the world or Him

what are we teaching our children, when we choose..............

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  1. We never realize how impactful our choices are when we are making them. And each day we have a clean slate to revel in the sweetness of our past choices or sit in regret of them. Sounds like you are choosing things that build relationship and strength into your family!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  2. I love that you chose to have birthday cake and icecream for supper when it wasn't anyone's birthday!!! I think I'll do that to surprise my kids one night. :) Loved your post. Stopped in from Five Minute Friday on Lisa Jo's Blog.


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