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what we can learn from snow

these are the days they will talk about for years
they will tell their kids
and their kids will tell their kids
and statements like "it just doesn't snow like it did when i was a kid will be made"

but what makes it so magical
what makes us feel like a kid inside
that you sled down a hill
and work extra building a snowman
what makes us sit at the windows 
in awe of the scene before our eyes

God lays a blanket over the earth 
and we can't help but curl up and feel His warmth
He teaches us that we aren't in control
that we have to come to Him
we will have to ask for help sometimes
 He can give us anything!
even 14 inches of snow

He teaches us to rely on one another
and that when we have the resources we help others
thanks to those who scraped someone else's driveway
thanks to those who checked on a neighbor
thanks to those who called a friend
thanks to those who pulled someone out of a ditch 
thanks to those who took someone home
thanks to those who worked and to those who stayed at home
God had a hand in all of it

when the sun comes back out
help us not forget 
God is in control
and we should treat each day, each moment, each lesson
in awe of His great works
serving Him and serving others in every way we can


  1. Sometimes we need a child's view to see the world with wonder. Good reminder that the stress of winter offers opportunity to help each other.

  2. I love everything about this post. One of your best. I was thinking the same thing. This was a snow the kids will remember, a "remember when" snow.

  3. i ADORE the pic of the kids at the window. precious. so glad we get this memory. of the snow. not the muddiest driveway ever!

  4. This is beautiful, let God use you to help others, love ya


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