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risking it in april

april is a risk......
it might be snowing
it might be raining
it might be sunny
it might be cold
it might be hot
thunder may rattle your roof
and rainbows may be seen out your windows
you may have to run the heat full blast on the way to school 
and crank the a/c on the way home

april is about change.....
it starts out as the end of winter
and ends as the start of summer
it holds promise of newness and renewal
green buds
fresh starts
new beginnings

this april we took hold of risk
for love  {5 years of marriage}
for life  {visiting my great grandmothers}
for hope  {rising at 6:30 for a glorious sunrise service}
for friendship  {sharing time with my heart and soul sister}
for family  {living this every day together}
for music  {4 days of festival}

but the question that is on repeat

what have WE risked for Him??

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  1. Karrie,
    Sometimes I forget how much I like your poetry. It's beautiful, and the pictures so amazing they look enhanced. I love the way you tied April to risk and to yourselves. I'm jealous of you being able to visit your great grandmothers and your four day music fest. Now, what have I risked for Him? Not enough. Not enough, for sure. Today I risked embarrassment by pushing myself to tell and ask people about prayer. Nuts that would worry me.


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