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20 things they don't tell you when you become a mom

1.  You will consider whether or not you have served all the food groups in the day.

2.  You will have frequent conversations about poop and even be excited about it.

3.  You will pray more.  "Lord, please let her go to sleep"

4.  There will always be a mom that seems to have it more together than you, have better kids, and be doing a better job.

5.  Sneezing, and lots of other body parts and functions, will never be the same.

6.  Your kid grows fast between 0 and 5 but once they hit school age you can't keep up.

7.  There will be times when you have to think fast and act responsibly and you will look back and wonder how you held it all together.  

8.  You will make mistakes.

9.  You will learn how easy kids forgive.

10.   Sometimes you just have to let them get dirty.

11.  Whatever your plan is, your kid will have a different one.

12.  They will talk back.

13.  They will embarrass you.

14.  They will make you forget what a horrible day you have had. 

15.  They will inherit traits from you that you wish they didn't.

16.  You will need poison controls phone number.

17.  You will never have everything you need when you go on vacation even if you take the whole house, and unlike before children, you can't pack thirty minutes before in one bag and be out the door.  

18.  You will never regret having them.

19.  You will never ever believe the kind of love you will have for them.  The kind that fills your whole heart and you think it might bust.

20.  Even if you make mistakes, even if you do it all wrong, even if they talk back, even if they are just like you......your kid will love you so much.   I remember people telling me how much I was going to love being a mommy and love my children, but there was so much no one told me, like how much they were going to love me back.

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