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finding you {advice for youth}

i see you
i hear your cries
yeah you...the one who wants to hide,
someone who just wants to be found.
the one who doesn't know who you are yet or where you want to go
i see you, behind your dyed hair and dark clothes and athletic pants and pretty scarves and LeBron's and cowboy boots with straight hair and curly hair and those 14 year old eyes
i hear you
as you walk up to me and tell me how your Sunday was so painful because you had to go to church
and i say why is that bad
and you answer
"because I don't believe"
you look at me and wait
i hear you thinking "what will she say"
and i look up at you and answer
what do you believe?
and i stop and wait
you look at me like no one has ever asked you that
i want to hug you
but i know that's uncool
i want to tell you that no matter what
i love you
and it is going to be ok
you are going to find you..........
it may not be today or tomorrow or next year or 20 years
and there will be people along the way that push you a certain way
try to make you fit the mold
don't let them
be you
be the person God made you to be
keeping finding you
search for joy
live life
serve others
you are going to find you
don't stop till you do

are you still trying to figure out who God made you to be....i am....i wrote this piece back before Christmas after a conversation with a student.  we are so quick to push kids to decide and be and grow up, when they haven't even figured out who they are yet

what advice would you give the youth of today?


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