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#riskrejection update with soundtrack

with summer starting i've just been so excited to be home and garden and clean and find my house again

and i've been to the beach and played taxi to camps and we have shopped and went out to eat and lived up this American life

by i can't let this keep happening.....i have's time to face the music's time to get back on the horse

my original risks for 2014 with new risk 

  • run - I did complete 2 5ks and just this week I have started walking again - new goal - find next race
  • business - slacking in this one - new goal - 4 tastefully simple parties this summer
  • share Jesus - ummmmm, yeah - praying and seaching - new goal - find a local place to volunteer and mission

{i added three of my new favorite songs for your listening pleasure - i love music}

are you still taking risk this year or are you caught up in the day to day to like me?


  1. Okay, you know me and I love music, and I am STEALING this idea, and I am going to do a post with a soundtrack very soon. Good for you. I love how you are revisiting your goals. 4 parties? Totally doable. Running? You have to go read Sharita's post. She just inspired me with the whole running bit, and sharing Jesus? Go get them, girl.

  2. Congratulations on the running!


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