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this life. {no words needed}

i watched this beautiful lady dance like no one was watching, while she worked selling drinks and it filled by heart with joy.  music it's good for the soul and life is too short to waste it.

this boy never ceases to amaze me.  sometimes i wonder how i could be so blessed and i thank God for allowing me to be his mom. 

the sounds of their laughter should be recorded in the heart.

this is what my husband leaves for me to return home too. 

they are arguing over whether this is a cart or a buggy.   
addie is searching the store over for this buggy her daddy speaks of.  

these moments. this life.  

what are you slowing down and doing this summer?

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  1. I love getting a glimpse of your beautiful life!! Love you and thank you for sharing!!

  2. You are beautiful and so is that life you have going on there. The Pepsi truck is classic.


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