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5 minute prayer list

i pray all the time
sometimes i'm praying and i'm not even thinking about it
prayer is my release
its my out
if i try to hold all the worries in
i would explode 

today's prayer list:
for my friend Kendal in remote villages of Nepal with or without toilet paper (i hope she hasn't ran out)
for my friend Shannon in Puerto Rico having VBS with youth from her church and coming home tomorrow
for my husband and son who are at Father-Son camp making memories, getting closer to one another, and closer to God
for my great grandmother whose time on earth is running out
for my friend who didn't get the job but knows God has a better plan
for my friend Beth whose daughter is in Guatemala
for my fellow blogger Kristen who leaves for Kenya tomorrow, what a ministry she has there
for the kids at home without food this summer 
for potty training my sweet baby girl

and these are just things i can think of in the five minute write

you see you can NOT hold all the worries, concerns, fears, and hopes in
you gotta give them to the only one who can do anything about them
our most precious heavenly Father

how can i pray for you?

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  1. I love the idea of the five-minute prayer list! I often think, oh, I want to pray for such and such about so and so, and then I forget. If I took five minutes to really think about who needed prayer, whose problems I could lay at the feet of Jesus, I could think of a lot. Thank you for sharing!


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