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31 Days of Random Writing: Day 14-17

it's been a long week 
you ever say that?
but was it really a long week?
how as it any longer than any other week?
it's not the time that makes long weeks.
it's the many, many things piled into the time.

soccer games, soccer practice, homework, mandolin, meetings, supper with the team, work, laundry, lunches, playing with my kids, reading, writing, singing at the top of your lungs driving in the car praising Jesus......but what would you stop doing??

at the end of a long week....what do you wish you didn't have to do?

i would do not wish i didn't do a thing i did this week, i just wish i didn't have to do it all this week


  1. I can totally relate to this one. With three teens running here, there and everywhere, sometimes the thing I long for most is a nap!

  2. Oh, how funny! Yes, us Mums do tend to pack an astonishing amount in to each week! But i wouldn't have it any other way: they'll be big and independent far too soon!


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