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Ways to Win the Rat Race

10 ways to win the race

This race of life gets me down.  It makes me rush and not see all that I have.  It makes me want more and more and more.  When is enough enough. As we check off our to do list and get through the daily grind of every day.  Will it ever end? 
When can you say "I finally have it all.  I don't need anything else. I don't have other thing I can clean or another task or project to do.  I'm good.  Don't worry about me."  This race never doesn't seem to end.  There is no finish line or checkered flag.  No one is going to declare you the winner.  But I can tell some ways that will make you feel like a winner. Some things that will make you slow down and realize we are only racing our self.  Remember, even if you win the rat race—you’re still a rat.

1.  Look in to the eyes of a child that loves you, it doesn't even have to be your own.

2.  Help someone who is helpless.  A phone call, money, food.

3.  Hug your mom or dad.

4.  Call a friend just to say hey and thanks for being my friend not to ask a favor or complain.

5.  Make cookies/brownies/muffins for someone else.

6.  Buy a Christmas present.

7.  Read Ecclesiastes

8.  Volunteer. 

9.  Sing! to yourself, to people, any song will do, just sing.

10.  Pray and consider that you may not be winning the race but GOD is winning the war. And He has a great reward for you.

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