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Christmas Traditions

67 days until Christmas....

On my drive to school this morning it really hit me that this will be my first Christmas ever, 27 years, without my grandparents and their house on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  After the tears stopped, I began to think of the memories of a house and of them.  The smell of peanut butter balls and chocolate fudge.  The decorations that came out at Halloween because my grandmother loved Christmas so very much.  The presents that my cousin, Nichole, and I spent endless hours counting and guessing what was inside.  The endless love my Granny sue and Pa gave to every person that entered the door.  They truly understood the meaning of Christmas and went the extra mile to make sure that everyone around them felt the love of Christmas.  Although, I will miss them this Christmas and every single day before and after, I am thankful for the gifts they gave me through the years but most of all the gift of love.

I am thankful that my son was able to spend memorable Christmas' with his great grandpa.  he will never forget Pa.

Christmas will not be the same this year.  I know we will try to create new traditions for Christmas.  Traditions - good or bad?  What are your Christmas traditions? Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without?

Luke 1:14 - You will have great joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth.


  1. Mom and I were talking about this exact same thing this afternoon.... it will be so strange. But, we will create new traditions and have a great time doing it :) Love you!

  2. Looks like Christmas Eve is not going to be our gathering time. We have to find a good day and time for everyone. I knew it would be hard, but the closer it gets the harder it seems. Guess I should decorate the house on Clingman Road just for the sake of the community. :)


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