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great grandmothers

To say I have strong women in my blood is an understatement.....

These two women are my
GREAT GRANDMOTHERS, making me fourth generation and my childern fifth generation. 

We gathered this weekend to take some photos of our special family. Thank you MHC Photography for capturing this day for us.

Let me introduce.....

Irene Barker also known as Mom (above on the left) was born in 1921 in Ashe County, NC, one of six children, 5 girls and one boy.  She attended Riverview School until the 7th grade.  She married Lee Shupe and moved to Maryland for work.  They later returned to Ashe where her family still resided.  She had three girls.  My grandmother being the oldest.  She is was a quilter and lived next door to her sister in a little yellow house on a the hill.  This is where she still lives.

Ruby Shupe also known as Grandma(above on the right) was born in 1917 in Carrol County, Virginia, one of ten children.  Ruby went from primer to seventh grade.  She did not go to high school because you had to pay to ride the high school bus and her family could not afford it.  She then went to work on the family farm milking cows, plowing with a horse, and working in the fields.  Ruby married Tom Shupe, a coal miner.  They moved to West Virgina for work and later moved back to Virgina.  Ruby is still a member of the rescue squad.  A few years ago she was in the hospital because she fell out of a tree she was trimming.

If you google their names you aren't going to find anything, but they have surely left a legacy.  The best canned green beans from Mom and the best pickles in the whole world from grandma.  I sneak out every Christmas with a jar.  They each have three children who are still around to keep an eye on them, because they live in their houses by themself.
They have loved and lost, they have moved across states for jobs and family.  They have watched their children grow and have hard times and good times and then their grandchildren and then their great grandchildren and now their great great grandchildren. 

They are a true blessing.  They have taught me to can, how to shop at yard sales, how to plant a garden, how to make a quilt, how to love your children no matter what they do, how to give, how to love, and most of all how to live.

five generations of girls

Thank you Lord for the gift of GREAT grandmothers.

What will your legacy be?

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  1. Oh what a precious photo of you all together! That is surely a blessing! Coming over from SDG

  2. I love these photos, they make me a bit jealous I must admit. I love the stories and I love your heart :)

  3. What an inspirational story of your grandmothers. I didn't have the possibilty growing up with mine, but I do now work with the elderly and having many grandmothers at the same time. Dropping by from " A pause in the Path".

  4. i love the hand pic the best.

  5. Your great-grandmothers are a year or three younger than my grandma, who was born in 1918. Both of my grandma's mothers died when I was 8. I have good memories of both of them. I'm so thankful your family has had these photos taken and that you've written down these memories. You'll always be glad.

  6. great question to end on...very cool to meet your family...most of my grandparents passed when i was young...i have had one gramma since i was ten...i remember the others though and wish i would have had more time with them...

  7. YOu really are blessed. This is such a wonderful legacy, and I'm glad you shared it, writing it down here. I have been feeling like I need to capture family history sometime before it's too late, so I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. oh i love the photo of the hands... thank you for sharing your heart and your story, friend. bless you.

  9. oh my, that picture of all of your hands is beautiful! Thank you for joining my blog hop this week!


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