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beginnings are hard, scary, nervous, exciting.
i do not always know why things go the way they do.
but i do know not to question God's plan.
i started a new job, teaching at a new school.
one that is smaller, quieter, not my old school.
i miss my friends, my students, my parking place.
every day i pray that i will live God's purpose in this place
and that the seeds i have sown will keep growing
but how do you know?

how do you when it is time for a new beginning?
how do you know when you have done enough for the seeds, before you move to a new field?

they say the grass is not always greener
they say don't be stagnent
they say do what is best for you and your family


  1. May God bless this new beginning and lead you into a deeper walk with Him.

  2. I say that do your best and God will do the rest:) God is with you all the way, don't be afraid:)


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