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Thankful Thursday 2012 Week 5

101. the smell of christmas trees
102. working students
103.  calling out a good deed
104.  cozy scarfs
105.  car line in the cold to refresh my mind
106.  cold sunrises to bring warmth
107.  dash, the elf
108.  my principal
109.  a new computer
110.  a new desk to put it on
111.  gingerbread men making messes 
112.  cookies and watching addie sign for cookies
113.  students who don't complain about christmas music
114.  tangelos
115.  jokes from the pulpit..Why can't you take a turkey to church?  He uses foul language :)
116.  mucinex
117.  clean water to drink
118.  a charlie brown christmas
119.  hot tea
120.  buds on a christmas cactus
121.  the best friends
122.  bloggers who inspire
123.  packages
124.  christmas cards!
125.  my mom


  1. i miss you, miss you, miss you. love the list.

  2. Love them all, especially cozy scarves, Charlie Brown and cookies! And Mike loves a cheesy joke from the pulpit, I'll have to share this one with him. The GA's have been collecting corn for JOY boxes and we needed alot, like 1200 cans, so he told the congregation that he was going to tell corn jokes until they brought enough in. I think they brought the corn just so they wouldn't have to suffer through any more bad jokes!


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