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Thankful Thursday 2012 Week 4

51.  my granaw
52.  singing carols on a train coming home from the north pole
53.  items delivered to the homeless shelter
54.  an excellent checkup for addie
55.  the magic of christmas
56.  family meals
57.  my husband, my husband, my husband
58.  pintos with friends
59.  shampooed carpet
60.  my mom!
61.  bandaids
62.  my cell phone
63.  new shampoo
64.  owen listening
65.  a week off
66.  heat
67.  a fixed toilet
68.  jessica's mini van
69.  a night out with friends
70.  best friends who know your story
71.  pictures
72.  unexpected texts
73.  the holy spirit's filling power
74.  addie noises
75.   a helpful son

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