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Thankful Thursday 2012 Week 3

51.  parents who care about their kids
52.  beautiful saturdays
53.  a local community college
54.  owen saving a wooly worm
55.  78 OCC shoeboxes
56.  frost
57.  phone case cover, the very next day i got i slung my phone across the parking lot - not a scratch ;)
58.  mountain dew in the drink machine
59.  owen wants a n.c. state birthday party!
60.  the perfect song on the radio
61.  the email that says no faculty meeting
62.  finding a penny
63.  that my sunday school class is willing to bring food to people they have never meet
64.  a week off
65.  a week filled with family
66.  shoes that feel good on my feet
67.  a helping husband
68.  addie's giggles
69.  addie's loving
70.  my pillow
71.  that everything is funny to 11 year olds EVERYTHING
72.  rocking a sleeping baby
73.  cool rocks
74.  recipes
75.  sleep

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  1. I love #60 and the baby giggles :) Both are excellent. Thank you for stopping by my blog hop! I hope you will join again this week :)


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