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on moving to north dakota and home schooling my children

Phone rings.....
Mom..."your son is so upset, when your daddy picked up at school he was in the principals office" Me....."why"
Mom...."I don't know you'll have to talk to him"

typical response
I love you, mom!

I live just over the holler from my parents.

My mother is an angel but her horns hold up her halo.(her words not mine)  All my life I have been awed and inspired by the way she cared for others, the way she sacrificed, and her ability to be completely honest in all situations. And with every word I type I question people's response and my mom she just lets things out.  She hides no emotions and even if the truth hurts she is not afraid to let you hear it. 

So, when it comes to my children its hard to listen and keep your head up, but you know she only means well.

Phone rings....
Mom..."Owen is so upset, he went to the principals office again...did they call you?"
Mom..."Well you need to call and find out what happened, and they don't need to take him to the principals office without tell you what he did."

So......North Dakota...... home schooling so girls don't kiss my little boy and I can choose my son's friends so he doesn't hang out with the wrong ones.......

I'll let you know my new address ;)
Have you ever wanted to pack up and move away from people? circumstances? life?
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  1. I'm laughing, but I bet you aren't. heh. Thanks for sharing this warm slice of life. And God bless your homeschooling!

  2. Both you & your mom are special people, in your own ways. :) Please don't move to ND, just to Lenoir..... love you bestie!

  3. I am praying about homeschooling for the three little ones. We'll see. I have 1.5 years to decide. Doing "homeschool preschool," now. Lots of love and luck and blessings and happiness to you and yours!!!

  4. Karrie, are you for real moving to ND and homeschooling or was it just "one of those days"?

  5. Oh, so not looking forward to those days. Maybe you can start a commune in ND and save room for me....

  6. ND!!!?!

    So, I feel like this all the time, but it's not ND. No, my place doesn't have a name. It's just somewhere far away and the woods and oh, yes, I always throw homeschooling in there too.

    Loved this little piece of you.


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