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5 minutes on ordinary

we aren't made to be ordinary
we aren't made to be normal

yet we strive to be

we don't want to be different or unusual
we don't want to stand out
to be the one who swims the wrong way

yet we need to be

we were made to be extraordinary
we were made to be more.....

more than the names we are called
more than the problems we face
more than the way the world looks at us

you can always choose to be more than ordinary

do you?

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  1. Good thoughts, Karrie! "We don't be the one who swims the wrong way." That really speaks to me. It seems that I'm always going against the flow, but for me it's the right place to be, because it's where God has put me in the scheme of things. I want to follow Him, to do what's right, and sometimes that is very hard, and sometimes I fail, but He is right there to pick me up, to strengthen and help.


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