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what i learned in september

September.....flew today....gone tomorrow.

  • The blessings of family are abundant.

  • Coaching.....time consuming, distracting, underpaid, overworked...but the relationships and influence are irreplaceable. 

  • This verse...."take courage, I have overcome the world!"  John 16:33        Became taped to my laptop, so I will remember that these problems we face are temporary and are better handled by Him and not worried about by me.

  •  Pumpkins born in July will live through September.

  • Weddings make me remember why I married my husband and how much I loved our wedding.

  • My sister in law is really more like my sister.

  • I must learn to keep my mouth shut more.  It always gets me in trouble.   

  • Busyness will not make you happier.  

Here's to the blessings and lessons of October....

what did you learn in September?

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