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not a life changing post

 {insert clever, spiritual, life changing post here}

i wish i had one
but i don't
my brain is fried, full, frantic, failing....
the list goes on

but if you would like to know that
- today is my last soccer game....yes i'm coaching girls soccer at my school
- wednesday is our first quarterly reward for our new behavior system....yes i helped develop it and am trying to help make it work for our school even though i haven't yet determined why we need a behavior system in the first place and yes the first quarter is already ending wednesday
- tomorrow i'm taking 8th graders ziplining
- IT IS 65 DAYS till Christmas!!! 
- my house is a disaster zone - enter at your own risk
- i am waiting patiently for my best friend/sister to have a baby ANY day
- the song "if we make through December we'll be fine" plays constantly in my head
- i can't decide if my family keeps me sane or insane


how are things your way?  do you have a clever, spiritual, life changing post/thought to share with me?

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