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my birthday post

there was a time we counted our age by hours 
"he's only 7 hours old"

then days
"i can't believe she's been here for 3 days"

then weeks
"time for her 8 week checkup"

then months
"is he doing everything a 6 month old is supposed to do"

then finally years 

and with such excitement that first year 

but by 31 

well the excitement has started to fade

you never drive past a sign that says Honk, Karrie's 31
40 yes 
50 yes
60 yes

but why

why do we not celebrate life

every minute, every day

on saturday i will be 11,323 days old


that's 271,752 hours.

to celebrate
to be thankful for
to honk about
i have spent some great hours and i have wasted quite a few 

this year i'll have  8,760 hours till i'm 32 years old
and what will i choose to do with my time

no one comes to the end of life and wishes

they spent more time on facebook
they kept their house cleaner
they spent more money 
they had more stuff

so why do i continue to worry, waste and do these things?
when there is so much i could be doing with my time

Here's to my next year
may it be filled to the brim with hours not wasted

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