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still get to be free

after the fireworks are over, the hamburgers and hot dogs are eaten
after the parades and backyard parties
after the red, white, and blue cups, forks, napkins, and plates are all used up

you still get to be free

you still get to watch what you want, say what you want, do what you want
you can talk about the president or the lastest pop star or how much you love or hate soccer
you can agree with hobby lobby or disagree

you still get to be free

see when the founders of this country fought they fought for our freedom from control
those who choose to leave their home and come here
they were adventurous and rebellious
they didn't want to be told where to live and what religion to practice
they didn't want to be judged by their decisions
they came with nothing and built this place we call home
and with great foresight they built a place where 238 years later

you still get to be free

so today 
breathe it in
inhale and exhale freedom
go for it
don't be afraid to take a risk
imagine if the founders of our country had been timid, scared, and unsure

blessed to live and raise my childreen in a country 
where i still get to be free


  1. Well said! Our freedom is such a great gift that we overlook so often. Happy Independence Day Weekend to you and your famliy! Just stopping by from FMF... God bless!

  2. Praise God for these freedoms. Thanks for the great reminder!

  3. And it IS a blessing!

  4. 1. That picture of the sparkler is the best. Your photos have been smashing lately, my friend.
    2. The 4th of July had me feeling very patriotic this year too. I don't know why this year and not others, I think this grows stronger the older I get.
    3. I love that our founders were adventurous and rebellious.
    4. If kids could read books which portrayed our founders like this, I think everyone would be in love with history.

    Thanks, friend.

  5. Love your post. Meant a lot to me.


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