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parenting advice to me

Hear my cry, O God;
    listen to my prayer. Psalm 61:1

Why are these chidren driving me crazy!?  

the plea of mothers 
hands up if you uttered these similar words (or is it just me)
when they won't listen
they talk back
they refuse to clean up 
they won't eat
they have pushed all the buttons
hit the last nerve
you're ready to throw up your hands and say whose idea was this any way


these summer days get me every single year!
and recently i've been doing some deep prayer and reflection on my parenting
i'm not the best mom in the world
some would say i'm the meanest mom ever
but we all want reassurance we are doing it right
we look for signs
are they where they should be at their checkup, on the report cards
do they excel at things
will they function well as an adult
are they going to be a good citizen
these are things that run through my mind
when my son is blatantly refusing to listen

and we compare
ohh the ever slippery slope of parenting or life in general
their kids never talk back
they listen ever time
his home is always clean
she reads 20 minutes every day
so what?

well in the last few weeks i have came to the conclusion that there are some things i need to change, i have spent many days and tears trying to figure out how to fix them, but really it's me that needs fixing

parenting advice for myself

  • put down the phone, walk away from the computer - you know it's bad when your 3 year old says Mommy put your phone down
  • don't say it unless you mean it
  • talk to them 
  • avoid taking the easy punishment to get what you want - go to your room, i will spank you
  • try not to yell back

i read a quote today

You are here.
Be present.

Kids are smart.  
My kids are smart.  
They need more of me.  
They need me to to be present.

Mommy can swing too

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  1. You are so smart. I will start doing these things today. Love you.


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