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10 Ways to Thank a Veteran, Besides Shopping the Sales on Veteran's Day

1.  Shake their hand, look them in the eye, and say thank you.  Don't assume they know and don't think they don't appreciate it.  

2.  Be a good citizen.  If they are willing to give years of their life for you to enjoy the freedoms you have, the least you could do is be a good citizen. Know what's going on in your government. VOTE.

3.  Send a card.  Snail mail still matters.  There is just something about holding words in your hand versus reading them on facebook. 

4.  Even better than a card, spend time with them. You get the day off, not because you did anything, because they did.

5.  Don't forget about them the other 364 days of the year.  They deserve much more than a day.

6.  Pray for them.  There is no greater gift than you can give them.  

7.  Do something in their honor or memory.  Donate to a good cause, run a race, do something.

8.  Don't be ashamed of your country.  Be proud of those who gave time and life for it.  
 More than 48 million Americans have served in times of war and peace since 1776.

9.  Recognize that they are near you and say thanks.  Their are around 25 million living veterans in the U.S.  They are your neighbors, your coworkers, your employees, your friends, the people you park beside of at wal-mart, acknowledge them.

10.  Teach your children to honor veteran's.  Take them to the parade.  Tell them to pay attention at the memorial service.  

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