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Thankful Thursday 2014 {week 2}

26.  Thankful that God made all this amazing stuff.

27.  THIS Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones. Because I stand in awe. Literally brings me to my knees.

28.  Owen having good friends at school.  As a parent you want to, but you can't choose friends for your kids, but you are so thankful when they choose good ones.  

29.  When instruments lead to singing, and singing leads to songbooks, and songbooks lead to worship.  God has put such amazing people in my life.

29.  COFFEE!!!!! (no explanation needed, i must confess friday night i went to a friends and on the way i was passing a starbucks so i of course had to stop, but then on the way back home, i stopped many times a day would i go if i lived close to one????)

30.  Martha - so thankful we meet at NCSU and that our friendship continues to grow

31.  warm weather on a day off

32.  homemade chicken stew

33.  laughing with other moms

34. hunting stars with the church youth

35.  students who laugh with you, not just at you

36. God's mercy, Lord knows I need it

37.  co-workers who get your jokes

38.  the constitution of the United States of America  (yes i'm a nerd)

39.  teachers who share cool ideas and lessons

40.  bluegrass music

41.  nick jr.

42.  tastefully simple and that i started selling

43.  a nice soft,warm bed to sleep in

44.  frozen pizza because sometimes that's the best ya got

45.  this girl!!!

46.  New clothes in the mail box 

47.  living in the country, i'm not sure i'm cut out for full time city life

48.  that i wrote this  a year ago today- we have so good and complain so much

49.  basketball

50.  Matthew coming home early :)

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