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keeping up with friends

through out life we form friendships with the people in our path
in school you were friends with people in your class
in college you are friends with roommates, classmates, random people you met as you walk to class
at work you are friends with those who share a cubicle, a building, a hallway

but you grow up and graduate school
you don't see each other every day
you graduate college you move away or your roommate moves to alabama
you change jobs, you move offices, you change schools
but those relationships, what happens to them?

friendships take work if they aren't convenient 

as my grandma would say its the season of love
reach out to a friend this season
reach across the years, the miles, the change, whatever it may be
it might just make their Christmas

how do you keep up with friends?


  1. you are right that it takes work, and its good to have a reminder to reach out, to make the effort. thanks. bless you.

  2. our transient world and one that is ever seeking new ways of superficial connection, keeping up with friends is huge. We do game nights monthly where we invite a few friends over for a meal and fun and let the kids play together...

  3. What kinda roommate would pick up & move to Alabama? Oh wait... :) Love you. :)

  4. they do take work... especially as you get older... but there are some that you're willing to stay in touch with no matter the effort required.


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